The Woman in the Snow
by: Patric C. McKissack

 I think this story would be about Native American because of the picture in the front cover of the book. It would also be an emotional story because of the mom looking sad.

"You know I can't stand being a chauffeur for a bunch of colored maids and cooks."(257) I think Grady was being made fun of just because he was the the driver for black people. He's rude to them.

"Grady dismissed the incident until the next morning, when he read that it had been a record snowfall." Grady should feel ashamed because he's the one who let them be like that and he knew about her but still doesn't care since she has no money. There going to ask him since his bus was there.

"She was still coming, but from where?."(262) I think she wouldn't stop bothering him because she still has her baby and wanted her baby to live On.

"Grady's stomach crushed against the steering wheel."(262)I think the woman is doing this because she wanted him to feel her pain.

"He heard a woman's sobs, a baby wailing-or was it just the wind?"(262) I think he's going to get haunted by the woman because of him, he dislike black people, he has been heartless to the woman.

"Come on, honey, get out of the cold."(264) I think Ray is going to help her get to the hospital and tried comfort her.

"He took a handful of change out of his pocket, fished around for a dime, and dropped it into the pay box."(265) I think he is going to help her so she can rest in peace even though she has no money.

"He thought he saw Eula Mae Daniels smile as she vanished into the swirling snow, never to be seen again."(266) I think Eula is finally Rest in peace since she got to the hospital safely.