Save them

The Problem with MO, Zoos

By : Chloe Watts


The problem with MO, Zoos is They are not properly taking care of their animals, one zookeeper dissected their giraffe in front of guest just because they had too many and the giraffe was perfectly healthy they had the chance to give it to another zoo that might not have had not that much of that animal.Some Zookeepers are keeping their animals in a den that is hundreds times smaller than their den out in the wild. Sometimes Zookeepers forget to feed their animals and they leave them in their den to rot and die.If people don't come to the zoo then they can't pay the zookeepers and then the zookeepers will stop caring about their animals. And I have a plan to stop that from happening, keep reading to discover my plan.


* We talk to the zookeepers in MO,

* We start to raise money so that we can donate it to the zoo so they have better care of their animals.

* We tell everyone about it and tell them to donate money to save our animals.

* We don't want our animals to die so lets start spreading the word to save our animals

Nobody is their to take care of them and feed when they are hungry the tiger is so skinny because nobody is feeding him. And there is nobody to look after them.

The problem with MO, Zoos is that the zookeepers aren't properly taking care of their animals, but I have a dream, that in the future the animals will be treated better and if there is too many of them give it to another zoo or build another cage , don't just think of how it can effect the animals think of how it could effect YOU, all those memories that you have at the zoo will be gone, because if there are no animals in the zoo then there is no zoo and those memories that you had will still be in the zoo and it will go away with the zoo. Because you only have two choices, Choice A: Let our zoos gradually fade away and we don't do something about it and let the animals suffer and die, or choice B: We stand up for our wild life and donate money so they won't have to suffer anymore. And remember be on the positive side.

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