Natalie's Poem Portfolio

By: Natalie Sarff

The Important Thing

The important thing about a bracelet is that you wear it on your wrist. You were it to look pretty. A bracelet is round and a bracelet can be many different colors. They can have charms on them, but the important thing about a bracelet is that you wear it on your wrist.

Diamond Poem


               big, two legged

      flying, swooping, clawing

    birds, animals, hole, cheese

     crawling, eating, squeaking

            small, four legged



Nice to all

Awesome all day

Takes time

Always there to help

Love my family




A good example

Reading is not my thing

Fun to play with

Funny 24/7


They are very cold,

You lick then in the Summer,

Different colors

I Come From Poem

I come from a world of peace,

I come from a loving family,

I come from singing to my family with my sisters and cousin,

I come from baking cookies with my grandma,

I come from nice 4th grade teachers,

I come from walking home after school with Lauren,

I come from dogs that lick you like crazy when you get home,

I come from wrestiling with my dad,

I come from learning that family love will get you through life in tough times.


Cats and Dogs

Dogs are nice to others

Cats are different colors

They are all in hats

But scared of little bats

They should all have good mothers

A Little More Serious


Flowers get a shower

Sometimes for an hour

They are very little

But they tell a riddle

Some of them are cowards

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