European Exploration

Going west from France, by Shirley Li

Dear King Louis XIII,

My name is Sir Notta Realname. I come from France, and would like to help my country. I have heard of the vast lands in the west, and decided to explore it further. This can help us expand, giving us more resources to use, and land to build on. There are many hardships of the west though. There have been many stories of bears and other dangerous animals. But I have a solution. (Scroll Down)

In order to survive, I must have trained men that can hunt and build. There will have to be a scientist or two to help identify the food and plants. I can survive easily with my survival skills. I know how to trade and explore. That is why you should support me, but hurry! Other countries are sending explorers, and we might not get the land! I will leave in the year 1610, and return around 1612. Remember, this will benefit you! Virginia is full of resources. There are plenty of trees and land for us.

I realize that there are resources in France, but think. The new land is full of riches, even more than we have! Wouldn't it be great?

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