The moon is a point in the sky. It makes the moon the focal point of the picture.
The way the different lines create a pattern is an example of how simple lines can look like an illusion.
The colors contrasts from the rest of the picture, which is white and black. It makes the cloud seem fun with its mixture of colors.
The shading of this body art makes it seem like the picture is 3-dimensional.
Not only does this picture show organic shapes like trees and animals, it also shows an old man's face.
This drawing gives these shapes a 3-D perspective or form.
This drawing uses the positive space to make one drawing but uses the negative space to make another.
This picture gives it a kind coil-like texture and make it seem rough one way but smooth another way
The place where the track and sky meet are the focal point, which is emphasized.
The lone red rose is contrasted by the green grass. It makes it stand out a apart from everything else.

These 2 pictures show an irregular rhythm to lines, the eradicate designs make a sense of spontaneous lines.

This cat is out of proportion compared to the man. Which- I don't know if you knew- is not normal.
This popular Escher drawing uses the same kind of lines and shapes to really mess with your head.
This Kenyan painting uses economy by making the papers stand out and have all of them hold them the same way.
This picture represents gestalt, or an image that also be something else. Like this duck-rabbit
This represents radial symmetry because it comes from the center.
These bat symbols obviously represent the Dark Knight, Batman himself.
These words represent typography because the words make a design and texture.
This picture creates harmony by using common colors and lines to make a design

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