Summer Cameron

1. Do not use all CAPITALS and use correct spelling because people will think your screaming at them and nobody wants to be yelled at and it's not nice. and people will think your being mean to them.

2. Make sure you reread your email before you send it to someone because that is rude and mean or even inappropriate even demanding.

3. Have your name and grade and helpful information about you so then people know who you are.

4. When you send an email to your teacher always use your full name and grade because it's very helpful and so then they know who it is and not some stranger.

5. Use a friendly tone and only use smiles and wink faces when appropriate.

6. Do not use text speak because when you use text speak the email will go to the trash bin.

7. When you are writing an email to a teacher about an assignment make sure to add some background information.

8. Be very careful when send an email to friends because you could send it to the wrong person and that wouldn’t be good so be careful and make sure it’s the right person.

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