Baby Information

  • Nickname: F
  • Birth date: 1886
  • Birth weight: 19
  • Birth height: 9
  • Race: Non-metal, Halogen
  • Attending physician: French scientist Henri Moissan
  • Gender: Gas
  • Place of birth: France
  • Personality:Boiling point: -188.14 °C. Melting point: -219.62 °C

Birth Certificate of Fluorine

Ultrasound of my Element

Fluorine Bohr model

Halogen Family


What I want to be when I grow up?

Fluorine is contained in toothpaste
Fluorine is contain is bug spray also.
Fluorine can be made out of jewlery.

When I grow up I want to be a toothpaste maker. I want to be contained in the dental products to clean people's teeth to be shining white. I want to be sprayed to get rid of bugs. I want to be a beautiful source of material such as, jewlrey!

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