what's your favorite baby gear must-have?!

i'm in the middle of registering hell and i'm sick of reading crazy reviews from people i don't know or trust on what we need for the baby…what is your fave gear and WHY?! could be a stroller, playard, carrier,toy, etc. what could you not live without?!

please comment in the stream below with details, links, pics, etc! please include type of gear, brand and model!


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3 years ago

Long sleved onesies, especially for a Fall/Winter baby.

Carter's 4 Pack White Long Sleeve Bodysuit Onesies (3M)

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3 years ago

The space saver chair instead of an actual high chair. It goes on one of your existing chairs, converts to a booster and can tilt back. That way you can give a bottle while you eat at the table. Also borrow extra boppys from friends if you are breastfeeding. That way you are not looking for it at 3am.

3 years ago

Definitely second the Rock n Play and a sound machine. Ours had a projector on it that broke which was OK BC I could never decide if it was more stimulating for baby anyways! I also suggest a travel sound machine that clips to the car seat. It finally stopped the car seat screaming drama!
I love our Ergo and we still even use it with Celia who is 2.5 so they are great long term. I had a Moby wrap at the beginning with Eli when he was too small for the Ergo. I didn't love it but I definitely suggest some kind of soft carrier or wrap for the early days. It helps SO much when little one doesn't want to be put down. That and it seems a lot of boys have reflux problems and prefer to be upright so the wrap helps make that a little easier too.
Ooh ooh and baby meds. Get the gripe water, the gas drops, the teething tablets, baby Tylenol and children's benedryl. When itty bitty is screaming at 3am, even if gas drops are questionable in there efficacy you will at least feel like you are able to do SOMETHING to help him. I suggest having the benedryl on hand in case there are any allergic reactions once you start solids (not something we ever thought of until we needed it and didn't have it!)
Sorry so long! But I hope this helps a little :) good luck registering!

3 years ago

I agree with Liz on the travel sound machine or at least a second you can have with you for trips, babysitters etc. I used the phone app a lot in the car though when necessary but for us the Dyson running next to her crib gave us an hour of quiet during her 6 weeks of colic! :)

3 years ago

I definitely liked the rock n play (Jackie posted) and the Medela steaming bags! I have a few things mainly for breast feeding and pumping. Check with your insurance company, they may cover the cost of a pump.
If you plan on getting a Medela Pump, I definitely recommend pumping into Medela bottles and pour into a less expensive store brand bag to store milk in. I made the costly mistake of using Medela brand for way too long, they are at least 2x the price of store brand and store brand work just as well. Check if your pump can be run on batteries, I found pumping during longer car rides to be a great use of time, can be a little strange but was helpful a few times. And one thing I really wish I would have purchased was a hands free pumping bra! My best friend did and said it was great, she was able to multi task. She found hers at and got 2 for the price of one Medela brand. She also said that website usually has promotion codes for discounts too.
I hope these things are helpful for you! Sorry for the novel :)

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3 years ago

@neeta34 agree with all of that! I bought the simple wishes bra for half price and it saved me those weeks of pumping! I could even feed Ava a bottle while pumping. I also pumped a lot in the car and if you are away from him for even 3 hours you will have to pump. I bought a car adapter for the medela pump and it worked well.

3 years ago

Oh my goodness...where do I start?
1) sound absolute! We liked the Homedics like this (we never used projection-just the rain sound bc it was the only one i could stand listening to all night)

myBaby Soundspa Lullaby Sound Machine and Projector

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3 years ago

here is a travel sound machine...

2) SWADDLES...these are so dummy proof!

3) PACIFIERS...we liked the hospital ones, but they were so obnoxious in pics. We were able to find ones that were from the same company that made soothies, but much cuter!

4) BREAST PUMP...any Medela double pump. Don't go for the Ameda or Playtex. I was also a huge fan of the Medela hand pump (I got one for free in the hospital with my first). It was really convenient for middle of the night pumps (my first started sleeping 6 hrs at night at 2 weeks) so you don't wake your husband up with the loud whomp whomp noise! Or when you needed to pump on the go.

5) NURSING STOOL...I am short, so this really helped me. It seems like a nonsense item BUT i loved it!

6) SNAP N GO....i loved my baby trend. It is so much easier than lugging around your travel system stroller. I used my snap n go for 8-9 months with my first and 7 or so months with my second. It is great bc you don't have to wake your sleeping baby up when they are in the car seat. It has a huge basket, cup holders, and a little storage compartment.

7) I am a fan of my Chicco travel system. I really like the car seat especially. It is super sturdy, light weightish (they are all kind of heavy), and they have nice neautral colors.

8) As for bottles, we use Playtex drop-ins. They minimize air for gas issues and clean up is easy bc you just throw the bag away. You only need to clean the nipple and ring.

9) Lastly, I think it is alway safe to have at least one Baby Einstein video on hand. When my second is being super cranky, I put on Baby Bach and she is instantly mesmorized and I can get 30 minutes of relief.


mybaby HoMedics SoundSpa On-The-Go

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3 years ago

White noise- we downloaded an 80 minute track of "electric fan" and play it on repeat all night and during naps

If you're planning to baby wear I would try some carriers out before committing to one or buy used. My kids hated the ergo, but most kids apparently love it. I used my Bjorn active, a homemade k'tan (which is a no-sew project if you're interested, and a babyhawk mei tai.

Snap and go stroller
Tummy time mat
We also loved our stroller sunshade extender- I think by RayShade.

None of my 3 kids ever slept in the bassinet bc they're punks. We have used our pack and play exactly twice in 5 years. We use an old school non-video monitor. None of them ever took a pacifier despite our best efforts. There are a lot of things that others will swear by that you'll never use. Each kid is so different that I think there aren't that many "standard" things that babies use. You won't need a high chair for at least 6 months, probably longer, after the baby gets here, so maybe wait until you have a better idea of what will work for you and baby. Things like exersaucers and older toys/gear may seem totally unnecessary once you're in the groove of parenting. I would recommend buying used things, especially big purchases (with the exception of the car seat). There are probably kids consignment stores near you and seasonal kids sales like KidsStuff or LittleTreasures.

3 years ago

One specific item that we LOVED and used a ton is this baby playmat with the piano. It's by Fisher Price and it converts for babies to still play with it while they are sitting up.

We used the Snap and Go style stroller frame for Naomi for the time she was in the infant car seat. But this time, since we needed a double stroller, we went with the Baby Jogger City Select. It is extremely convertible and it incorporates the "snap and go" idea with a second full sized seat for the older child. Check out the second picture in the link below to see all of the options.
One thing I would recommend is trying to fold/unfold and lift your stroller of choice in and out of your current car. I know most baby stores will be happy to let you do this before you decide/buy. We started out with a travel system stroller, and it was just WAY too heavy for me to be lifting in and out of the car so many times on errand day. Also, it took up most of the trunk space of the Murano. We ended up going with the Baby Jogger City Mini as a single stroller, and I used the heck out of that thing! It folds very flat with one hand and it is super lightweight for a single (but full-sized) stroller. I used it the whole year for mall walking as I lost those 50 pounds!

When it is time for a high chair, I would recommend getting one that is completely wipeable (no fabric seat). We went with a full-sized chair since we didn't want to sacrifice one of our dining chairs for baby by using a "space saver" style chair. Having done so would have left only one chair open for guests.
We didn't need the high chair until Naomi started eating solids at 6 months, so you have time to decide. But we went with the Oxo Tot Sprout Chair, which I LOVE and we use to this day. It is in fantastic shape and we might even buy a second one for the new baby so Naomi can still use it as a toddler chair that pulls up the the table. It is very compact and easy to clean!

I hope my suggestions help! I know it is overwhelming to make decisions on all of this "gear" before you even meet your baby!

Fisher-Price Kick and Play Piano Gym, Discover 'N Grow

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