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Stuck. A sudden plumbing problem rears its ugly head, and you’re left dealing with it while you have guests over for the holidays. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could prevent this problem before it happens? Eagle Service Company

Don’t think it’ll happen to you?

Since you’ll be cooking more for the holidays and have more guests using your toilets, sinks and showers, you’re much more likely to run into a serious plumbing problem this time of year.

That’s why you should follow these simple plumbing tips so you can enjoy your Atlanta-area holiday get togethers without any plumbing surprises.

1) Never pour grease, oil or fat down the drain.

Does your holiday meal include cooking ham, bacon or other foods that produce grease? Think twice before you wash the griddle or pan in the sink. The grease will harden and clog up your pipes.

Instead, you should wait till the griddle or frying pan cools down and then clean it off with paper towels before cleaning it.

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