17 Things You Must Do Before Going Back To School In The Fall

Sadly, summer is quickly coming to an end. I mean, we’re already almost through July. August is going to fly by. Some of you probably even start school in August, which seems so soon! I don’t know where this summer went, but I do know you need to enjoy it while it still lasts.

Although summer is a season for fun and games, it’s also a good time to get ready for the next school year. If you wait until the last minute to prepare, you’re going to be anxious and stressed. Don’t let that happen. Instead, check out these 17 things you MUST do before heading back to school in the fall:

1. Get new school supplies

2. Get yourself a planner

3. Finish summer reading

4. Treat yourself to a new backpack

5. Get organized by tossing old notes

6. Clean up your desk space

7. Start going to bed and waking up the same time you would for school

8. Go through your closet and donate or sell what you don't wear anymore.

9. Get a haircut

10. If you have to buy textbooks look for cheaper ones online.

11. Watch all the summer shows you missed so you can talk about them at school.

12. Do any last min summer activities you haven't done yet.

13. Spend as much time as you can with your friends from different schools.

14. Take lots of pictures.

15. Look up and practice hairstyles to make mornings quicker.

16. Hang out with family

17. Write out some goals for the up