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Freestanding Holograms

Technologies in the Film

In the film, while Marty is observing the future that is 2015, he finds himself seeing the preview for Jaws 19. The preview consists of a crude three-dimensional hologram of a shark that appears to attempt to eat Marty. This technology demonstrated in the film was free-standing because it seemed to not be confined to a small area or volume, and while current technology has achieved the illusion of a three dimensional hologram inside a confined box, more work needs to be done before we can see freestanding holograms.

Current Technology

Musion Live Stage TelePresence

  • This current technology, appearing in June 17 2009, creates the illusion of a three dimensional hologram by using Mylar film set at a 45 degree angle, and three Christie Roadster HD 18K DLP projectors used to create a 2D image that appears to be three dimensional.
  • This technology is famous for creating the Tupac hologram
  • It is free standing in the sense that it can walk as far as the Mylar film, the hologram is only an illusion, and is not truly three dimensional nor can it take advantage of all directions of motion.

Crypton Future Media

  • A similar technology is also used by a fictional Japanese pop star, Hatsune Miku, as performances are done live by a hologram similar to the technology in Musion's TelePresence technology.
  • Using projectors three to five projectors onto a Dilad screen. This is still technically speaking not a hologram, as a 2D image is projected onto a planar surface. The technology is still an illusion that gives the impressions of a three dimensional hologram.

Research for New Technologies

AIST and Keio University are developing an actual 3D hologram system that creates freestanding holograms by focusing lasers onto specific points in the air, which stimulates the illumination of plasma using oxygen and nitrogen in the air. Currently the technology is capable of creating three dimensional holograms at a count of 50,000 dots, and animated at 10-15 frames per second. While it is currently limited to green holograms, the addition of other primary colors was being worked on.

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