Kathleen Hamilton

Photography Portfolio

Bright Joy

       This photo was taken at a local park, where my friends we riding the marry-go-round. I have motion sickness so instead of riding I took this photo. I feel it captures an essence of complete joy from John. I love it because it is entirely natural with a small boost in vividness.

The Dark Strength

          This photo was just a simple fall tree with a plain grey sky. However when you look at the many flimsy branches that maintain their strength it can have a deeper meaning. Feel free to interpret it how you see it. For me it represents an eerie strength ,or lack there of, that we all have in us.


      The original yin and yang were two coy fish,one white and one black. The two were thought to both contain good and bad within them. The two would circle each other, and thus created a circle. This orange coy fish, to me, is in a way the in-between. It is darker than white but brighter than black. The water may be distrackting bur i feel it adds a sort of frame to the bright beauty of the fish.

Leading Man

          The rocks create a leading line that reaches its destination of a young man on looking the paths up the hill. It has a sort of melancholy feel to it. It seems to be peacefull to the man and his bright shirt brings attention to him. Though you can't see his face you can understand the relaxation he must be feeling lost in nature.

Shape Of Light

        THis photo is my best greyscale work. It was just a street lamp in a blank blue sky. Thanks to the empty sky and the shape of the light head, it has an effective deffinance that forces you to focus on the texture of the light head.


        The title seams weird because I meant it like insception, a tree inside a tree natural frame. I enjoy this photo because of its depth and patern.

Double Focus

            The idea of this photo was to fovus solely on the two twin leaves and to blur out the back. The focus on the leaves provides a natural pull of your eyes to the veins and texture of the leaves and stem.

Birdy Pose

      This pic was so fun to take because it seemed to me like the bird was trying to show his "good side." The bright feathers are something I wouldn't have seen without my camera. The bird was talking to a friend next to him so thats why its head is down.

Commonplace Beauty

          These trees can be found all over waco. For this photo i focused on a low lying portion and blured out the front branches. The beautiful blumes on the twigs are surrounded by bright green leaves. I was luck to catch them on a cloudy day, otherwise I feel the lighting would have been too much.

Lonely Maiden

          The pose that my friend chose to take gave me the perfect opportunity to have a rule of thirds picture. Her look off to the distance lead me to show more to that side as though there is something there just our of camera sight that attracts her attention.

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