Owner Shannon Lelli and her four kids

Entrepreneur Shannon Lelli was faced with a difficult decision when 22. She had to decide between a college education or following her dream of opening a business on her own. College is pushed by most people as the only option after high school and anything that doesn't include a formal education of this sort is seen as a risky move that shouldn't be taken. People say that if what you decide to do other than college doesn't work out, you don't have an education, therefore no one will want to hire you, making it extremely scary to decide an alternate path.

However, Lelli decided to trust in her entrepreneurial skills and invest in a Planet Smoothie store the money should would have spent on a college education, definitely a risky move. By 24 she had opened up the store after doing much research and talking to other owners in the franchise for advice.

Now 12 years later she has paid off her 100k loan, become the healthiest she has ever been due to promoting a healthy lifestyle, and become very involved in her community. By owning her own store she has reached her dreams of being able to be a stay at home mom and business woman at the same time.

Personally, I look up to her because I share the dream of owning a business, but have the fear of not holding an education or not being capable of successfully running something on my own. However, she did it all by trusting in herself. She truly is an outstanding woman.

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