Diagnostic Medical Sonographer


            Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

Watch from :28 seconds to 1:42

Certification -  

                           you need to know how to run the machines

                           you have to of  at LEAST went to college for 1 year

                          you have to know what all the body parts are


TIP - Increasingly employers require there sonogrphers to become registered or they,ll hire registered sonogrphers

TIP - Highest you can go is to a ARDMS

                     ( American Registry for Diagnostic  Medical Sonographer )

Job Responsibilities -

                                          you have to know almost every body art in the human body


                                        you have to  be able to communicate with people ( your patients )                                   

                                        you have to be able to tell your co workers when you need help


                                       you have to be able to run the machines


                                                                                                                   and more.....

Interesting Fact - DMS jobs are some of the most critical in the health care industry, many people will need a diagnostic sonographer at some point in there lives

handheld ultrasound  or ( ultra portable )


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