why is it an advanced civilization?

Art and Architecture

Each civilization all have a unique art and architecture. Many being beautifully crafted and admired by many people.Here are mesopotamia's:

*Cylinder seals:Clay tablets used for things like showing scenes of battle,decoration,daily worship,and for signing things.

*Ziggurats: Temples made of dried brick and they are beautifully crafted buildings.

*Musicians:They played music which was an art in itself ,but the  instruments were also beautifully crafted. They usually played for the kings.


Mesopotamia has some monumental achievements like:

*Created the first wheel which helped with many things like a food surplus.

*First written language called cuneiform which is a series of pictures and symbols.

*First set of laws called Hammurabi's code.There are 282 laws in total.

*They created the potter's wheel which helped make pottery faster.

*They created the first irrigation system.

*They started the first empire.

*They created the first math system based on 60. Also they created system of science.

*First people in mesopotamia to create ziggurats.

Job Specialization

Civilizations in Mesopotamia had a lot of different jobs:

*Slaves: Slaves are the lowest on the class scale and do work for highly ranked people.

*Farmers:Farmers are low on the class scale but do lots for the community by providing food.

*Merchants/Traders:Merchants and traders brought new supplies to the civilization spreading it across Mesopotamia. They are in the middle of the class scale.

*Priests: Priests are high on the class scale. They help daily worship go about it be practiced.

*Kings/Empirers: They are highest on the class scale and rule the kingdom and

This shows how Mesopotamia is advanced by  showing they have technological advances because they can make all these things. Also they have to have extra resources to focus on other things than just providing food to everyone.

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