Hi, I'm 14 years old and my birthday is on Valentine's Day. I am a freshman at Girard High School. I am the lead vocalist in a Rock School band at World Of Music. We actually are playing at the HS Rock Off Battle of the Bands at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland this Saturday. I really love music, my family, friends, food, and softball.

3 Things I Enjoy


As I said before, I am in a band. The people in my band are from left to right; Jack - 12, Sam - 14, Me - 14, Matthew - 14, Abby - 16, and in the back is our drummer, Ethan - 15. We all go to different schools. We have at least one band practice a week. We perform at least once a month and we've performed at many different venues. Our music style is rock/indie/alternative. We are pretty good for a bunch of dorks. We even have 6 original songs that we wrote. I love them so much and they make me really happy. On the side of being in the band, I play piano, guitar, bass, and occasional drums. Music seriously is the best thing that happened to me and it saved my life.

Family & Friends

This is my family and my house. From left to right (top picture) is my brother, Gage, who is a senior and is 18 years old, and my mom and dad, Shannon and Brian. During Christmas time, we do these Christmas Light shows that are synchronized to music. I help set up the lights, but my brother and dad do the computer programmed - light sequencing, which takes hours. We also have a charity event, Christmas in the Sky, every year two weeks before Christmas along with our lights, fireworks, a Chinese auction, hot chocolate, and cookies for those who donate. All the proceeds go to the Erie City Mission. I enjoy doing this, especially with my family and friends and it is such a fun event for a good cause. I feel like my family are my friends. But, when they aren't around, I love to hangout with my other friends. My band members are my friends also.

Food & Softball

I love food. Specifically from Sheetz. Their made to order food is so delicious. I go there all the time. Good thing I like softball as well so I can stay in shape. Softball isn't that fun to watch, but playing it is fun. It is competing with other teams, working with your team, and competing with yourself as you try to become better and better. I am hoping to get on at least the junior varsity team for high school and if possible, varsity. Confidence is key in softball. I feel like I could get into both JV and varsity because last year, my batting average was .672.

3 Goals

Produce Music

To produce music, I would want to do that with my band. We have 6 original songs. Our plan is to make an EP (Extended Play - More than a single song but contains less than an album.) And we also want to make around 3 music videos. To do this, we would have to practice a lot to make sure it sounds close to flawless and then record. We would also need to save a lot of money. (Pictured with me is one of my guitar players, Matthew.)

Make Money

Another goal of mine is to make money. When I am 15, I would love to get a local job and hopefully make some money so I could eventually pay for car insurance and gas. I would need to know how to make a resume and application professionally. I would want to do this so I can be more independent. Also, the money would help pay for producing music and music videos with my band.

Weight Loss

I would also love to lose weight. Don't get me wrong, It isn't like I am unhappy with myself, it is just that I am unhappy with my weight. I want to become skinnier and tone up more. That requires a lot of healthy eating and a lot of working out. I need to be dedicated in order to do this. My big goal is to lose 40 pounds but for now I'll make a small goal of 10.

Dream Place - New York City

I would love to go to New York City. I'm not much of a city type chick, but it looks so beautiful. And I bet the people there are interesting. And I bet the hotels are awesome. Plus, that is where Yankee Stadium is and I would love to go to a Yankee's game. It would be an awesome experience.

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