Unit 3
Cultural: Patterns and Processes

by; Bailey Dodge

*What groups are involved, who had the power?

The 5 groups that were involved; the guerillas, army & wealthy, peasants, USA, & Guatemalan Government. The group that had the most power were the army & wealthy.

*How the balance of power shifted and why?

  The power shifted when people started making treaties and trading MSU's.  Cooperation was shown in the game by the groups making treaties and agreements.  They would loose and gain MSU's and sometimes have wars.

*How was cooperation and conflict shown in the game?

  There was only a few conflicts that happened. Cooperation was shown by the groups making treaties and following the rules of the game.

*What role did the US have on the stimulation?  The US played in the game was that they were the overall government and everyone looked to them for help.  What happened when power shifted was that one country had complete control and then when the power shifted, the other group got complete or most power. It is mostly positive.

*My life conflicts

What happens in my life that pertains to this game is when one day I wanted Brooke to go to the bathroom with me, she said "no" so then I made a deal with her.  I said, "if you come to the bathroom with me, I'll buy you a fruit roll up tomorrow at lunch."  She said "okay" and she went with me. Cooperation was shown by Brooke making an agreement with me.  Another example is that when my friend Anja and I were Face Timing, she said "I can only talk for 11 more minutes" and I said "okay" so we talked for 11 minutes and then she went to go do her homework. The cooperation comes from both of us because we both let each other go after our 11 minutes was up.

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