Choosing my Project (Entry #1)

I chose the project Rube Goldberg Machine. I chose this because I have do this before and it will be easier for me to work with a group and it will be more fun. I want to learn more facts on how to work the machine. No, I would't like to do this because I already have an idea of what I want to do, and I think this isn't just my thing to do for the rest of my life.

Planning (entry #2)

Today, we planned out our machine coarse and drew it out. We also planned out what evryone nneds to bring

Intro Research Part 2 ( Entry #3)

We watched recommendation videos, to help us get some ideas to draw and plan out our machine.  

Questions Answered (entry #4)

Specifically, i wrote and drew the lay out of my machine, what it will be doing and what it will look like.  I took a picture of our layout above. I answered questions on how to build, create and make my machine move consistently.

What Are You Finding Out While Doing Your Project (Entry #5)

We made the first stage of our machine.

I answered our question about having 2 pieces of wood by asking my dad to cut the wood in half for me.

What Are You Finding Out While Doing Your Project (Entry #6)

In the beginning of this project we made the first two stages. We had some difficulties when building the ramp, when I broke the ruler. Are plan is coming together as we planned it.  This is what we have done so far below.

Up above is a piece going around the stick then it hits the marble making the marble rolling down.

What Special Terms (technical) do you need to know? ( Entry #7)

We have a pulley and that is our only "Special Term" we have have that we are gonna use later on.

NEW Questions and Information! (Entry #8)

We have some new information. We learned what a pulley was and how to use it. We also figured out the stage we have been have problems with the help of a close line clip.

This is what we have so far.

Technical Parts Of Your Project (Entry #9)

We are done with most of our project. We just have to make sure it works and s a couple modifications.

Teach Stuff, Part 2 (Entry #10)

A problem we had was something with the remote control car. We were messing around with it and it stopped working. Now we know not to mess around like that again. We now work responsibly` and it now works.

Whatever you want it to be (Entry#11)

We decided to change our last stage. When the cup pour water into the bowl we changed into the marble going into the bowl.

Whatever You Want (Entry#12)

We added some cardboard to one of our stages because the the stage where the water goes into the bowl didnt work so now this works most of the time we just have to fix some stages to make sure it works all of the time.

Whatever I Want (Entry#13)

We made the changes that needed to be made. We figured out how to make it work by changing a stage by adding a ramp. We added a picture of what it is so far down below. Our objective is to make the marble go into the bowl.

Whatever You Want (Entry#14)

Today, we changed the marble that goes down into a bigger bouncy ball. we made some changes with how its was set up but hopefully tom. we can make every thing work Every TIME!

Am I done with this epic project? (Entry #15)

I realized that the marble is not great to use so we are using a bouncy ball because the marble kept falling off the ruler. We are not completely done because Mr.Ternet said we are not allowed to have 2 rolling stages now we have to start all over

Whatever i want (entry #16)

So far we changed the ramp cause we had to change the whole thing! We changed the ramp into a zip line. So far it works we just need to make a few adjustments.

Did it Work? (Entry #17)

Yes it worked the way i wanted it to. We made some cahnges at the last minute to make it work. Instead of the thing wrapping around it just layed on the ruler.

Reflections (Entry #18)

I learned how to make machines and figure out how to change them and make them actually work. Our project turned out decent because we got in trouble for having 2 ramps so we had to change every thing at the last minute. The only problem was that the marble didn't exactly reach the bottom. This project does not want make me want to do this as a hobby because i already know what i want to do and i don't really like this anyways. I do wish i picked a different project because he didn't watch me work, or even watch me do most of the work, only when i stopped to let them finally do something. I'm kinda mad about that cause of my grade. Plus he wasn't in the room most of the time and i needed some help cause he was helping a different group. I wish i learned how to fly a drone because it's something different and I would have had a better grade.  I had success because we made last minute changes so it would work.

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