Southwest coast artifacts

Chaislyn banks mrs.simon class

Woven cotton dress

This is the cotton dress they wore in the indian days when they only had this clothing to where in the Indian times they had to catch food to eat in the southwest this is what they had to where.


Adobe pueblo apartments

this the apartments they lived in they are called adobe pueblo apartments and this is what they had to live in and they used a clay pot used for storing water in and I would use it for the same storing water.

Cougar animal of the southwest


wonders around in the dessert in the area where the Indians have had water and drunk it when it was thirsty

This is a cougar that wonders around southwest drinking from the pot they store water in.

The clothing men had to where is shown above as u can see

This is the clothing men had to were in the southwest to keep them warm while they work in the fields.

The clay pot they used for storing water to drink


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