Beauty of Pandemonium

Come to me with all the things you hated about yourself. Your crooked smile, your curly hair, your bruised heart, your infinite flaws. Show me all the parts you kept hidden and those messy fucked up things you're too scared to show to anyone. With all the tears you have cried from the past mistakes and the apologies you over gave. Show me the lacerations you got from your clumsiness. Bring all the past and painful memories of your lovers that are trapped into your lips like a bitter whiskey.

I promise to kiss away all your wounds when they are hurting. I will open you gently and explore your dusty and morbid being. I will use my light to lead you away from the darkness. Lay down with me under the beaming moonlight and let the stars be jealous of the glow within you. Let me love you beyond your fears and your failures. Let me feel your unstable and unpredictable character.

Come to me so that I can heal your inflicted heart and restless soul. I will show you how beautiful it is to be moved by something that is out of your control.