Balanced and Unbalanced Forces

 By: Gavin M. Jones (A.K.A PandasRCool)

  This Tackk talks about two different types of forces-Balanced and Unbalanced Forces! First, we will see Balanced Force. Balanced force is where the force is equal.

This is an example of a Balanced Force, which contains no acceleration whatsoever. The two sides have equal force, so no accelera
This another example of a Balanced Force. The people tugging the rope are giving equal amounts of force.
This too is a Balanced Force because the same amount of force is added to each side of the cube, and again no acceleration is involved.

  Next, we will look at Unbalanced Forces. Unbalanced Forces mean the force involved is not equal, so there is acceleration.

This features what is known as an Unbalanced Force. The kid on the right is giving more force, so acceleration is present.
This example of Unbalanced Forces shows these two characters, one being heavier, causing acceleration due to no balance in weight and force.
Finally, this example shows that when there is more force than friction, the car moves forward and acceleration is created because of so.

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