By: Lydia Gibney

                                        What is Globalization, and how does it affect us?

Globalization is the interaction between countries, states, cities, governments, businesses, and a big example is free trade.

I got this sweatshirt from a Hockey Game in Wisconsin, and the product was made Pakistan.

                                 The sweatshirt is %80 cotton and %20 polyester.

An agricultural map to see where/if they grow the material used to make the sweatshirt.

Map of Pakistan to see where their natural resources are.

Map to get an idea where most of the Pakistanis live.

This map shows that most of the Pakistanis live in the Northern part or middle of Pakistan with a few sprinkled in here and there in the southern part.

Map of Pakistan's transportation, and how they can ship their goods.

The maps can show you where the material is grown, how they transport the materials they need and the finished product, and you can also see, by looking at the population map, where most of the people live, so you could get an idea of where it is specifically made.


Technology plays its role in many ways for this one item.

1. to contact the seller and the buyer both provide access to obtaining that item get the design of the sweatshirt and how you want it made


                      A particular society's beliefs, practices, ways of life, arts, etc.


When goods are bought from other countries/regions, they use a special system to produce, sell, and ship those goods.


The conditions in which someone/thing lives, and surrounded by the natural resources, influencing that person/thing's health, growth, and overall life.


Machinery, the use of science, methods, engineering, etc. to solve problems, or invent things that are of use to help human beings and the world.


Technology: the method someone invented could have a major flaw, or the people in charge of assembling the product might not be open to new ways, and machinery and the engineering could fail at one point or completely mess up the product, and waste the resources used to make it.

Culture: the belief that people have when transporting the goods or assembling them could be completely different then how it is said to make the product. Example: there could be 1200 women working in a factory making the sweatshirt, and they all want to do it by hand because that is their way, and that is their belief on how to make things properly. The boss comes in with a shipment of new machines that can make 30 sweatshirts in 45 minutes.

Economy: the country purchasing the goods from the country making the goods could have a huge crisis where they go into a gigantic debt, and they can't pay for the product or the governments could have a falling out, and none of the products the country is making can go to the other country that they had the falling out with.

Environment: there could be a shortage of supplies, like cotton, the crops could wither and die, the farmers get evicted from the home and the land is used to build a Pakistan McDonald's, or the farmers simply do not want to do business with that company.


Technology: have people work together to take the flawed method, the broken machinery/engineering, and fix it, make it stronger, and make it work for the team that is involved with the assembly of the product.

Culture: have both the boss and the women take it into consideration for the others' beliefs, and try to come to an agreement, and compromise so that half of the product can be made by hand, and the other half by machine.

Economy: the 2 countries meet again, and try to negotiate a deal where the 1 receiving country can have the products, and the country selling the products can sell them, while negotiating the terms of how they want the exchange to go.

Environment: the country can do 2 of 2 things or 1 of 2 things. They can either conserve their resources and not put so much into the product, or they can trade other resources they have with other countries for the resources they need in order to produce the product.

Procedure of Production

1. the company needs to have customers ordering/buying the product they are advertising for sale and the customer must pay

2. the company needs to get the resources/materials they need in order to produce the product that they are going to sell

3. when receiving the materials, they need to be put together in a way that they work together in order to make the product successful.

4. once the product is finished with the assembly, it needs to be packaged and prepared for shipment

5. once prepared for the shipment, it needs to be transported to the customers by a mode of transportation

Globalization in my Life

I use a source of globalization everyday of my life. I have my beliefs, ways of doing something, and my arts that I use everyday in some way. I use technology when I get on my phone, and I used technology to make this presentation. The U.S. gets goods from other countries/regions that my family or I purchase such as food, clothing, housing, etc. The environment will always be in my life, because it is my natural resources, and my surroundings that are there from when I go to sleep, sleep, and wake up.

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