Desert Tortoise

People don't know a lot about this animal

The desert tortoise's biome is the desert. This amazing creature lives in the Sonoran desert. An average tortoise weighs 8-15 kg ,9-15 inches long and 4-6 inches high. The tortoise that hardly anybody knows about has a huge lifespan, the tortoises lifespan is longer than a humans the tortoises lifespan us 80-100 years old and an average humans lifespan is 70-80 years old. This creature can live in a area where the ground can get 140 degrees fahrenheit. The adult tortoise can live for a year Without water. The desert tortoises main predator is the raven, to protect themselves from the raven they hide their head and legs in their shell. Because the tortoise needs to have shade, it goes underneath cars then they get run over. The desert tortoises are also threatened by diseases such as upper respiratory disease. The tortoise is only on the surface for five percent of their unusually long lives. I predict that if the environment was to change to a city the tortoise would be underground it's whole life because they would be scared, which is not good for the tortoise because it would not be able to get food and water.

By Brigitte

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