Bankers Warranty Group

Customized Warranty and Service Solutions

About Bankers Warranty Group

Bankers Warranty Group (BWG) is an affiliate of Bankers Financial Corporation, a St. Petersburg, Florida-based company that provides a wide range of products and services, including insurance and insurance tracking, home and electronics warranties, personal, contract & commercial surety, and business solutions like HR outsourcing. With more than 30 years of industry experience in consumer warranties, Bankers Warranty Group handles claims and dispute resolutions on behalf of the companies with which is partners.

BWG is fully insured to offer warranties, primarily for home and electronic items, to manufacturers, retailers, and their customers. The BWG team stays up to date with constantly evolving markets to meet clients’ unique needs with customizable solutions related to warranties and extended service plans. Through the firm’s broader service options, experienced staff members also provide troubleshooting and follow through with any necessary product repairs or replacements.

Under the leadership of Dawn Morris,Mike Kelly and Matt Taylor, BWG’s vice presidents of sales and operations, respectively, the firm remains committed to providing cost-effective products and services bolstered by responsive, dedicated customer support.

Why Offer a Warranty on Products

Supporting businesses nationwide, Bankers Warranty Group specializes in customized warranty services on electronics, home products and a range of consumer goods.

Warranties give consumers peace of mind when purchasing products, allowing them to know their product will perform as expected or will be replaced with an item that does. A minimum obligation, extended warranty services act as a marketing tool that helps businesses stand out from competitors. It gives a company an opportunity to provide additional assurance that customers will be satisfied with their purchase. Like an extended warranty, a lifetime warranty on a product opens a gateway for advertising. However, a company promoting a lifetime warranty should be certain that its product will uphold the quality expected nearly 100% of the time to avoid costly repair and replacement services.

To reduce liability, companies providing warranties on their products may consider an explicit warranty. This type of warranty still instills confidence in consumers, but protects the business from product misuse that causes the item to fail.

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