Bankole Johnson

Experienced Medical Researcher and Psychiatrist

About Bankole Johnson

A veteran medical researcher and distinguished fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, Dr. Bankole Johnson leads ADial Pharmaceuticals, which has developed a number of advanced trial-stage medications, such as AD04, which targets alcohol use disorders. His research emphasizes the connection between addiction, neurological disorders, and bio-mechanisms that control human behavior. Certified by the American Board of Addiction Medicine, Dr. Bankole Johnson has undertaken extensive research on topiramate as a treatment pathway for alcoholism. This treatment also holds potential for cocaine and methamphetamine addiction. His research discoveries have been featured widely in the U.S. media, including in the magazine Wired and on the Emmy award-winning HBO program “Addiction.”

Dr. Johnson earned his doctor of medicine from the University of Glasgow and completed neuropsychiatry graduate work in obsessional disorders in children and their neurological sequelae at the University of London. He then returned to the University of Glasgow to earn the UK’s highest possible degree in science, a doctor of science, in medicine. Active as a public speaker in his field, Dr. Bankole Johnson was recently asked to present on "Personalizing the Treatment of Alcoholism" at the 5th Annual Jack Mendelson Honorary Lecture at the National Institutes of Health.                            

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