Diary of a wimpy kid the long haul

By: Jeff Kinney

In this book a boy named Greg Heffley is forced to go on a family road trip with his family because his mom thinks they should have bonding time.  Things go down hill fast when they stop at a hotel to rest. The hotel is really disgusting and when Greg tells off some little kids things get ugly. Manny wins a pig at the fair but the drop it off at the petting zoo Manny is so mad. When Greg feeds a freaky seagull it tries to attack to get more cheese curls . Things can't get any worst right wrong when they go to the water park they loose the key to the locker. So then some people stop to help only they don't speak English turns out Manny the youngest was listening to the  Spanish CD's. So Manny talks to them but when they show up back at the petting zoo The family is  confused. This reminds me of when my baby brother will do anything to try to get his way. Another conection I made is when we go on family road trips and my brother offers me a seat that I think is good but its really packed with stuff. A words of the wiser that I found is when Greg's mom says to the boys that they should try to bond because the need each other. An again and again was when they kept having problems with the boat. I hope you enjoyed my book respose  I can't wait to see yours.

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3 years ago