Amelia Earhart's Diary

Mr. Jeremy

July 24, 1897

Today, my life have started, it is sunny day and i'm now red body.

I'm excited about my future and the things will happen tomorrow, i'm going to sleep now, the baby has to sleep lots of times to grow taller and taller.

December 12, 1920

I came to California long beach airport with my father, in there I got a chance to ride the airplane for 10 minutes.

It was only riding by customer but it was a big chance to change my life. That time, i was hopping to be a doctor or nurse but by my house hold situation, i couldn't success it.

After riding it, i felt the airplane is my way and i decided to do the pilot, it was great to be on the air and i liked the wind blowing too.

from tomorrow, I am going to earn money too by my own airplane.

October 22, 1922

Today was a fantastic day for me!

I succeed height 1, 4000 feet flying by the first of women and gain the pilot license that Association of International Airlines is giving.

That means, I became the 16th female pilot in the world.

July 1 1937

Today, i came to New Guinea, it is beautiful place, i'm planning to go to How land tomorrow, i am excited very much.

Now, this journey is going to the end, i feel happy but kind of sad about it, anyway i'm going to sleep now. I have to fly the south Pacific Ocean tomorrow in the early morning with lokhid Electra.

July 2, 1937

Now i am flying to How land, the oil is going to run out but i think it is enough until this airplane is landed on the airport of How land.

Few hours later....

The oil is ran out all of it, i can't find any land. I am afraid of the future that soon i will have to get.

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