Guardianamericanrealty Specialize In Buying and Selling Homes

If you are looking for real estate property in and around Florida, there is a new website that cuts through the garbage to offer select real estate property; i.e. Guardian American Realty.

How do we do it? For starters, Guardian American Realty has been developing residential communities for over 45 years. In fact, the principals of Guardian American, collectively, have over 50+ years of experience in developing real estate that includes home building and residential land development. We have built a reputation based on quality and thoughtfulness in design.

Due to our enormous experience and knowledge of real estate in Florida, we are able to spot a good deal, a good house and a good piece of property when we see one and only these make it to our database which is available to you at

The same database can also be accessed via our app that can be installed on any Android smart phone.

As you browse through our listing of residential properties in Florida, rest assured that every single one of them is a good buy. If looking for a property to buy, the best way forward is make a list of properties you would like to visit. Call us and we will be delighted to arrange a visit to each of them as well as answer any questions you might have.

To make financing your home as seamless and trouble-free as possible, we have tied up with To date, all our clients have had a very good impression of Academy Mortgage.

Being Florida State real estate developers ourselves, Guardian American Realty also offers new construction properties in Florida; each of which is beautifully executed and ideally located.

If you are looking to buy a home or Real Estate Specialists Orlando, we recommend you download and install our real estate search app that has been especially designed for Android Smart phones. This app will make available to you all new listings as soon as they hit market! Please navigate around our website to use many of our valuable real estate tools.

If you have a home or property to sell anywhere in Florida, contact us. Select properties are not only listed on our own website they are also actively promoted on search engines such as Trulia, Google Base, Oodle and Zillow amongst others. Your property will get lots of attention and queries from many potential buyers.

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