Bar Mitzvah

There have been many traditions in the Asian countries. It is believed that the Asian countries are unique in their way of celebrating small purposes also. Apart from the wedding, which is a round the world ceremony for enjoyment and enthusiasm, there are certainly many more things which are considered important for celebration here in Asia. The Indian person celebrates several occasions for their millions of gods and goddess. The Jewish people celebrated even when a boy turns 13. There are several other examples which could be drawn for hinting that Asian countries are full of exotic celebration purpose.

Now, coming to the Jewish people who celebrate Bar Mitzvah which comes in every boy’s life once is something very important out here. The point here is that there is a substantial amount of feelings in the event of a boy turning 13. The event means son of commandment. The inner meaning is that when a boy turns out to be 13 then the boy is qualifies to take care of himself. It also means that the boy gains matureness once he turns 13. He is now mentally, physically, ethically and morally strong and grown up to perform all his takes and take care of himself.

The term signifies two things. One is when the boy turns 13 then he is the subject of Bar Mitzvah. Second is the after party celebration which means considering the boy who has turned 13 is a subject for celebration. None but, the Jewish people only will understand the importance of this ritual. Hence, there must be a certain amount of celebration which must create a spark and should be an example for others.

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