WELCOME. Hi! I blog at Barely Adult

Well hey there gorgeous. I'm Viviane. Now before you think "Wow, what a sassy French name!" and start picturing some beret-wearing, baguette-swinging French girl, calm down. I'm an average American college student (with radiating good looks and a heart of gold) minus the giant t-shirts and leggings. I enjoy posting about annoying people, unhelpful self-help, and the embarrassment that is my life.

Here are some facts about me to get a good sense of who I am:

- I once wrote a rap about force, work, and power for my Physics class and it's my beautifully crafted, Grammy worthy, pride and joy.
- I accidentally wrote a research paper on fetishes. That's a whole story in itself and needless to say, I now definitely know what fetishes are.
- I love fashion as much as I love books and chicken (alot).
- My ideal guy would be anyone and anything that resembles Jake Gyllenhaal.

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