Barristers of Ohio

Accurate and Reliable Title and Escrow Services

About Barristers of Ohio

Representing a variety of underwriters as agent, Barristers of Ohio offers a full range of escrow and title insurance services. The firm’s client base extends beyond homeowners and home buyers and includes sellers, developers, lenders, and real estate agents. In its escrow services, Barristers of Ohio emphasizes an accurate and reliable approach that enables its customers to complete complex transactions in the shortest time frame possible. Following it's proven policies and procedures, the firm’s veteran escrow officers play a neutral third-party role.

Barristers of Ohio’s title services ensure that clients engaged in transactions maintain clear evidence of their possession and ownership of land. The company also provides property profiles that assist clients considering purchases in evaluating all aspects of the property of interest. This service encompasses a variety of assessment techniques, including community demographics and sometimes, aerial images. Barristers of Ohio is also experienced in preparing reports that detail the full historical background of land title. This information includes details of liens, arbitrations, and other property rights issues that can impact the title to and perhaps even the value of land.

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