Basics for Online Trading in India

Online Stock trading in India

In India as the usage of internet has reached almost everyone, and broadband allows data transfer at incredible speed many Indians today are trading online in Indian Stock Markets.

Share Trading thru Internet

With the help of better personal computers which can process large amount of data almost immediately. Indians have started to trade on the internet either alone or in conjunction with a broker or an investment adviser. While the broker will get a part of your profits that you make on all trades, the adviser will give you inputs about the market for a pre-determined rate. It is always sensible that you get some guidance at the beginning of your trading days to get the feel of it.

For trading online in BSE or NSE, there are a few things that you should be cautious about.

Time Lag in online share trading

It doesn’t matter how fast your internet connection is, and whatever software and hardware you are using there will be some time lag between the time you click to place your order and the actual time when your order gets processed and registered. This time lag, depending on how long it is can seriously alter your final profits or losses. Take care that the time-lag is kept to a minimum. This can be possible if you have the best system and your broker provides its subscribers with the best service.

Get Real time Stock Quotes

While trading online, make sure that you get real time updates and stock quotes from your online broking firm. If it is delayed then you will be placing orders for rates which are old. This will take further time to complete your order. You will finally get is something a lot diverse from what you were expecting. So the feeds have to be live and real time stock quotes are very important for online trading.

Broker Charges

Check if your broker firm is giving you the best rates for the stock trading you are going for. If your broker is not getting you the right rates, then you may have to move to a different broker who will offer you better rates. In India There are many online brokerage firms in India offering online share trading in NSE and BSE.

Other trading Charges

Apart from brokerage fees there are service fees & taxes, which you have to pay for each trade. Understand in detail about this commission rates and transaction fees. It will have an effect on your final profits.

Share trading is not new to India; it has been going on for many years from now. Indian Share market has seen many ups and downs.

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