Meet Your SMART Board

The Very Basics of Using your SMART Board

There are 3 basic components to your SMART Board - the projector, board, and computer.   The projector is connected to your computer. The board is connected to and powered by your computer. So when you computer is on, your SMART Board is on and when your projector is turned on, it projects the image that is on your computer onto your SMART Board.

SMART Ink allows you to write on any document, webpage, or just your desktop.  It does not move with your document or screen and can only be saved by taking a screen capture.

Microsoft Ink is similar to SMART Ink, but it is only accessible within Microsoft Applications.  The nice thing is it stays where you put it on the document and you can save the document with the ink layer.

Now that you know how the board works, let's open up the software and see what can do!  You don't have to do anything fancy, start simple and use it like you would your whiteboard then transition to the INTERACTIVE Whiteboard.

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