Basil Hamdan

Owner of the Debt-Recovery Firm HF Holdings

About Basil Hamdan

Debt-recovery expert Basil Hamdan serves as president of one of the collection industry’s most successful firms, HF Holdings Inc., of Orlando, Florida. Basil Hamdan built HF Holdings from a small, regional startup to an international business focused on revolutionizing the debt-collection industry. Today, the company serves retailers, utilities, telecommunications firms, government agencies, financial and commercial businesses, and educational institutions, among other types of client organizations located in all 50 states.

Prior to launching HF Holdings, Basil Hamdan studied the debt-recovery industry and found some surprising statistics. He discovered that the rates of successful account recovery dropped considerably if the debtor lived in a county different from the county where the collection agency or law firm was located and that the success rate nearly disappeared for debtors that lived in other states. To rectify this problem, Mr. Hamdan built a network of law firms and collection agencies devoted to helping clients pursue bad debts locally and on a contingency basis. This network arrangement allows HF Holdings’ clients to recoup past-due accounts in record time, using nearby firms.

Basil Hamdan and his team at HF Holdings utilize a three-step process to recover debts. To learn more about this process and the company’s services, log on to

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