Assalamualaikum and greeting. Welcome to EMD 4713 CAPSTONE group of Ahmad Basir. This is our final presentation report that will include our journey through out this semester.

Problem statement

Shooting is a fundamental things that all members of the national security will go through. Shoot usually done in open spaces better known as the shooting range. After the shooting, what is important is the management of spent-fuel cladding blank scattered shooting range. Ammunition necessary in tap to be dent before they can be recycled. Traditional way of dealing with ammunition is to collect one and knock-cladding cladding it with hammer. This way consumes time and energy. Felt obliged to change the traditional way, we are under the leadership of Ahmad Basir has agreed to continue the struggle to create our senior bullet denting machine.


For our project, we have several objectives, that are :

    1. To develop a re-branding of bullet dent machine

    2. To investigate the suitable material for bullet dent machine roller

    3. To run a simulation of bullet denting on a software


    1. Concept of bullet dent machine is taken from our previous senior work.

    2. Material choose must have a yield strength to ensure endurance of machine.

    3. Software use is solid work.

Brainstorming session

All the committee has agreed to choose Basir's idea of bullet dent machine.

Brainstorming is a session for all committee sit together and burst out their mind to find the best idea for the project.Each idea must be given in detail for selection process.The best idea that is innovative and applicable will be chosen.

Plan analysis

Analysis plan is the process of evaluating data using analytical and logical reasoning to examine each component of the data provided. This form of analysis is just one of the many steps that must be completed when conducting a research experiment. Data from various sources is gathered, reviewed, and then analyzed to form some sort of finding or conclusion.

Firstly is problem statement. A problem statement is a concise description of the issues that need to be addressed from the existing product available in industry. The problem statement commonly be the purpose or objective of this project to identify and solving the problems.

Secondly is conceptual design. Conceptual designs are scalable drawings that define the basic parameters of the project. They are usually void of detail, dimensions, and technical notes so you can review and modify the design with ease.

Next is design configuration. In our project, four type of design configuration will be used. Firstly is detail design by part, secondly is bill of material, thirdly is evaluation of various design by part and lastly is costing of material. This configurations will be used to make the analysis at the project.

Next method is design parametric. After getting the required design, the value of parameter will be calculated and included to the type of material used. All the parameter are important to do the design evaluation and simulation at the next step. The simulation using the software of Solidwork will determine whether the project is achieved its goal or objectives or not.

Before making the report, the conclusion and recommendation of the project will be done to make a hypothesis and improvement for the next project. These recommendations will be based on the research and on any other relevant information available to the researcher, including their own past experience in a market or in business. Conclusions and recommendations usually form an important part of a project debrief and are a key part of the value offered to industry by professional market research.


Before we making decision on selecting material and further our work, bench marking is an important to be done. Bench marking means we take a review on concurrent product that have in market and analyse their advantages and disadvantages of them. With the analyse data, we can try to improve concurrent product and have a better product.

Product design specification

Product design specification is list of general requirements, specific requirement and acceptable performance.This specification will be our guideline to produce this product.

Product design specifications

House of quality

House of Quality is a diagram, resembling a house, used for defining the relationship between customer desires and the firm/product capabilities. We are building HOQ using Microsoft Excel.

House of quality

Conceptual design

The raw idea on design is translate to conceptual design. Conceptual design consists of sketching and many more. In this project we have sketch several drawing like roller and feeder. Conceptual design is used for our analysis to find the most suitable design that fulfill the design specification that we had choose before this.

Overall conceptual drawing
Roller conceptual drawing
Feeder conceptual drawing

Detail design

For detail design,every single part must be shown in term of its dimension,position and number that been used in this product. Detail design must be shown in various view and detail to make other person can understand the specification of this product for maintenance or production purpose.

- Bill of material and Exploded View

Bill of material of bullet dent machine

- Assembly drawing

Assembly drawing


In analysis part, we will make some calculation and simulation to ensure our selective material and design is suitable and applicable in real situation to prevent failure at the product that will danger to user and wastage of money.

Following link guide us to analysis on force needed to dent an ammunition.

Costing detail

In costing analysis, we will analyze the overall cost for this product in term of cost of material,cost of workers and overhead cost that will make this product is not economic if it is over cost and  this design will not be commercialize.

Recommendation and further studies

In this part, we will give the recommendation for improvement of the concurrent product and further studies that can be done on this product concept.

Minute meeting

Minute meeting is important because it act as a record on whatever that been discuss in meeting. Knowing it is important, we also make minute for every meeting we make.

Our team