Battle in Yemen

           For quite a while now the northern and southern Yemenis have been waging war on one another, allowed to continue due to the countries often changing governmental power. More recently the Houthii Shiite forces, who remain loyal to the countries former president Saleh, have launched an invasion on Aden as well as the Southern half of the country. The Saudi Arabian army has since launched missiles in an attempt to push back the rebels and prevent full-scale military conflict from beginning.

          The main opponents in this battle are of course former Yemen president Saleh, controlling the southern portion of Yemen, and the current Yemen president Hadi who has been forced to go into hiding due to the state the country has become. Currently the only two countries involved with the conflict are Yemen itself and Saudi Arabia but the United Nations and the United States both have shown support for Saudi Arabia's actions thus far. So far the battle tactics used range anywhere from suicide bombing, to foot soldier military invasion,  and even long range missiles.

            The current battle seems to ultimately boil down to a power struggle between the ex-president and the current one. The ex-president Saleh is being backed by the Houthi rebel groups, which have been expanding and capturing cities for the past few years with President Hadi coming in to power, despite his best efforts to bring peace to the area. The UN Special Envoy on Yemen, headed by Jamal Benomar, has been attempting to quell the rebels and has calmly attempted to push for negotiating a solution to the current problem.


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