Battle of Brown's mill

The battle of Brown's mill was fought in Coweta County, Ga on July 30, 1864 on William T. Sherman's Atlanta Campaign. Want to know more? Read more!!

Important dates

On July 27, 1864 2,400 troops were sent to Newnan by William. The Unions first threat thoughto Newnan when the reached Faytteville on July 28, 1864 when Sherman's army burned about 1,000 supply wagons.On July 30,1864 the battle began and ended that night.

Important people

The most recognized person in this battle is Joseph Wheeler; he was the commabder in charge of the confederate troop that fought in that battle. He lost only 50 men in that battle, freed 300 confederate soldiers, and got a confederate victory!!The other person I would like to recognized is  Edward M. McCook for is bravery yet stubbornness. He was in charge of the Union troops in that battle.He lost 1,285 men, several ambulances, and 1,200 horses. He was very stubborn because he let his squadron leaders do what they wanted ,which caused large casualties!

Important events

A few important events before, during, and after the battle include.The burning of the supply in Fayetteville.the battle of Brown's Mill with a Confederate victory.Finally the turn and of Mccooks men and messing up the plan that Sherman had planned.

Outcome of the battle

The outcome of the battle was amazing for the Confederation with the victory. For the Union on the other hand it was a fatal lost. The Confederation protected Newnan. the confederation lost many men and Mccook lost many man to his squad and fought to the end of the war.

General Summary

The general summery is that the Union sent 2,400 soldier to cut off communication and trade between west GA and Atlanta. They found the confederation and had a battle with them. Until Mccook saw that he had lost half and his men and retreated back to Sherman's army. For there on Sherman went through Atlanta to Savannah. Newnan was kept safe by the people from The battle Brown's Mill. This was the battle of Brown's Mill.