The battle of Hastings

Harold vs William

William v Harold v Edgar v Harald

Edward the Confessor died on the 5th of January 1066, after this, 4 men began the fight for the throne of England. They were William the Duke of Normandy, Edgar Aetheling, Harald Hardraada and Harold Godwineson. Harald crossed the English Channel with the assistance of Harold's brother Tostig. The two battled and took over York. Harold Godwineson was enraged when he heard the news and took his army north. Harold and Harald's armies fought after a surprise attack by Harold on the Stamford Bridge on the 25th of September 1066. Both Tostig and Harald were killed. What was left of the Viking army fled in their ships. While this was happening William was preparing his army in France. William took his Army and landed in Pensevy in Southern England. When Harold heard this he took his army and met William in an empty field near Hastings on the 14th of October 1066. Harold's army was mostly made up of untrained farmers. Were as William's army were mostly well trained fighters. For a while the Saxons held off the French by creating a wall made by their shields. Until William decided to fire arrows above the wall one of the arrows went straight through Harold’s eye. By nightfall William had conquered the Saxons. After a stunning victory William head towards England and was crowned King on the 25th of December 1066


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