How Do Floods Form?

Floods form when there is to much rain like when when the rain builds up and takes up a lot of room it can also happen when there is to much snow and when the snow melts it turns into water and the water takes up room plus it will take a while for the water to evaporate because if it is still December or somewhere around there it will still be cold where the water is. It can also happen when your by a river or a ocean when there is a lot of high winds because the winds will push the water onto the land which will make a flood.

Interesting Facts

Did you know in Bangladesh there was a 50 foot flood that is probably higher then your house. it killed more than 40 people and wreck houses and cars. most people died because they drowned.

What Helps Us Prefent Floods

Do you know what helps us keep the floods from getting to us? We build walls to stop floods and we build water tubes so the water goes into the sewers so we won't get any floods.

What Floods Can Harm

Floods can break houses, cars, and even trees. If the flood comes to a farm then you won't have any food because the flood will make the seeds drown and then you won't be able to grow any crops. Floods can do massive damage to huge places like company's or massive buildings floods can almost break anything.

Floods can be very high you can see that the cars lift up a little. if you want to see how much floods can do click

This is where most floods form

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