Horses in war
It is a crime

*In war horses is the story of a young boy who trains and comes to love a horse named joey.

*Calvary had been an important element of military strategy.

*When the boy becomes old enough to enlist,He searches for the horses on the battle.

*In the open warfare on the eastern front and in the middle east,war on horseback remained strategically important.

*It's a crime to make a horse fight in war with people.

*But the horses can also help them war.

*In world war 1 the casualties front the war.m such frontal cavalry assaults on the western front.They attack behind lines impossibly because of the trenches and the wire.

*It's a crime that they had done what they had done and had the trenches and the wire.

* "The most look after the man first" says kat quietly.she stands up and try to see it.

* "They would like to know what harm they have done"

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