Heather Baumgratz

My name is Heather, I love art, reading, archery, soccer and music. I have one brother and one sister.

3 Interesting Things


Archery is one of the only sports that I participate in. I started about a year and a half ago and should be starting competitive archery as soon as I am able to.  For competitions, competitors shoot at 3-D targets that are different sizes and distances away from the position you are shooting from.


Soccer is a way for me to relax and exercise while still having fun. I have always been interested in Soccer but was not able to play until last year because of my weak ankles. In free time I play a lot soccer with my cousin.


Drawing, painting, and photography are some types of art that I enjoy. Drawing is another way I can relax if I am stressed. I have been interested in art since first grade and have taken drawing, sculpting and painting lessons over the years.  


Going to college and earning a Masters Degree in Ecology is a goal I have set for myself. For the career that I would love to have I need at least a Bachelors Degree in Ecology, have a Masters Degree would increase my chances of receiving a high ranked position.    

Another goal that i have set for myself is to learn to play the harp.  I feel learning to play the harp is something very original. I have wanted to learn to play the harp for two years and I am trying to find a place to take lessons.  

Becoming bilingual is a goal I have wanted to achieve for a year now. Being able to speak two languages fluently would be very beneficial, It would make getting into college easier, help me in becoming a scientist, and just help in everyday life.    

Place to Visit: Holland

One place I want to visit is Holland. A few years ago I had the opportunity to go and stay in Holland for around a month or two but was not able to take the chance. Since then I have wanted to go to Holland to learn about the culture and visit the tulip farms.

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