Believe   in     what    God    is doing    for    us   and   to    us!

Chase Elliott

What    Will    happen    when God    Comes    Down!

I believe in the Belief in God,

the death of God for us to be living,

the fact that he created us all different,

the time when we all gone and go either Hell or Heaven,

the rapture coming sooner then we think,

we will rise or go down, where we go we rapture comes is either if you believe or don't believe in God, and have our permanent home,

But (something you don’t believe in, e.g. “but the novels of Susan Sontag are self-indulgent, overrated”) is that Hell will not takeover the world that we will once know.

I believe in that we will enjoy our permanent home with God,

I believe in that there will be less Christians then there will be people going to Hell,

I believe in my religion and my beliefs to follow God,

and going to Church, Reading The Bible and Listening to it, and asking for forgiveness of our sins,

And I believe in God Would come down and take the Christians and the Christian life will come together to Rejoice and live together as a big united Christian Family and the fact faith will grow the more that believes in him. (longest)

What God has Planed for us!

My Credo is about the Belief in God and What God is Bringing for us and to us. My Credo is what God is doing for us and coming to us. It Means that God has a lot of plans and things coming to us and for us.

I Formed my Belief by going to Church and reading the Bible and accepting God as my Savior. And my Family help me get there by taking me to Church and helping me live a Good Christian life. I didn't hear it from a movie or not even read it and not a book. No my parents help me create my life as a Christian.

I believe they important to me cause I want to know when i die I'm going to a good home forever and gives you opportunities and change my life for the Greater Good. It gives you a good home and helps you learn bout God and what he done for us and get us a better knowledge and example of him and bring good in our Christian life.

I Don't think my Credo will change as i get older to have a strong christian bond between him and me and just keep doing what I'm doing for my Christian life. By Becoming Saved and Acknowledge him as My Father and Leader and Savior to fight throughout the Harsh and Depressed days that we will all experience. It will probably change by not going to Church and not accepting as your Savior and not Reading the Bible. It will help Shape it by having a Good Connection with God.

It is Significant to me because it what i am and what i believe in . I would challenge and charge people to change their beliefs and introduce them about Christ. It May change their Religion and maybe want them to go to Church.

By    Chase    Elliott

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3 years ago

One day soon god will come maybe another million years from know, but we all know he will come. And for the ones that desirve it will return home, the ones that dont stay behind wishing they had done right by the bible. So its good to know he'll come for us all one day for all we knaow he could already be here and thats the greatest gift anyone could have given.