the telescope

I feel a strong subject I would like to cover in our Galileo children’s book would be his telescope. This invention is the godfather or backbone so-to-speak to all of Galileo’s theories and beliefs. A simple of a telescope peering into the starie night sky would be a concept I think a child could grasp easily. It was also be awe inspiring for a young child. As a child I very occasionally looked to the stars for guidance so being a lover of quotes, I would love to include a quote somewhere along the lines of “shoot for the stars.” I would most likely overindulge on the action of Galileo actually having the inspiration to build a telescope and the act of building it just to satisfy the engineering side of me. This subject could be a precursor to the subject of some of Galileo’s astronomical discoveries and theories. Also I feel if I had a picture, like the one above, of Galileo showing off his telescope to common people or even members of the church maybe a good idea to include. Highlighting Galileo’s childhood could precede this subject I am considering. Child curiosity in “the heavens” would be something to also include. The concept of Galileo proving his ideas through his telescope is something that cannot be falsified and therefore easier for a Childs innocent mind to see this as a truthful idea. Staying away from the church is evil and Galileo is a hero is the direction I would like to go in.    #scipop1 #hsci2133 #galileodraft