What is Wrong and How we Can Solve it
By: Brandon H.

This is the Pacific Ocean. This part of it is filled with trash!

People litter too much. It kills animals, pollutes water, and trashes the environment. This is the problem about littering.

People think that the reason people litter is because people don't know what it does. Also, people do it not on purpose but they don't throw away what they put on the ground. Also, people litter because they think someone else will pick it up for them.

I think people need to pick up trash, throw away or recycle what you don't need. Also you can tell people that are littering to pick up what they put on the ground and stop littering in a nice way.

Also, you should inform people to stop littering. If you tell them, we can all make a cleaner world. When that time comes you will be glad that you did this.

The person who made this YouTube video is Libbi Witheril I liked this video

I was looking for a website about littering and I found a pretty good website click below to see it.

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