Bay Tree Solutions

Bay Tree Solutions - A Timeshare Sales Firm in Atlanta, Georgia

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Bay Tree Solutions helps timeshare owners advertise their resort community properties for resale. The firm’s staff, comprised of former resort employees, assists sellers from start to close on each transaction in partnership with various reputable title agencies. Additionally, to facilitate efficient advertising techniques, the group conducts regular research on each timeshare and its competitors. The team at Bay Tree Solutions (BTS) successfully pushed through the housing market crash of 2008 and continues to operate one of the longest-standing companies in the industry.

A member of the Metro Atlanta Chamber, BTS strives to adapt its advertising strategies to ever-changing resale trends to make a profitable and simplified by-owner platform for clients. One of the resources the organization offers to its clientele is an online database featuring a searchable points-based inventory; the first tool of its kind, the database holds more than 3,000 listings including timeshares for sale and rent. For more information about BTS, including how to launch a resale campaign, please visit

Typical Types of Timeshare Buyers

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Bay Tree Solutions is a timeshare advertising company which focuses exclusively on the needs of individual timeshare owners in select resort communities. Bay Tree Solutions uses multiple strategies to promote timeshares for sale, including online marketing and advertising. After years in the timeshare resale marketplace, the company has developed a deep understanding of potential timeshare buyers and has identified three tiers to define buyers’ key characteristics.

According to the company’s model, Tier One includes people who are most likely to buy a timeshare and offer higher prices. This group of buyers understands the value of timeshares and is likely to be happy to discover the reasonable prices and low-pressure approach available via the resale market.

Typically, Tier Two includes those who have experience with timeshares, either because they own one themselves or know someone who does. While they have a genuine interest in buying timeshares, they may make lower offers.

Tier Three consists of veteran timeshare owners, speculators, and investors. Often, this group will agree to a quick sale, but at a very low price. Because they are seeking good deals, this tier of buyers is not a good target for timeshare owners wishing to attain a fair price for their units.

Online Marketing Offers Several Advantages

Bay Tree Solutions provides a range of advertising solutions to help timeshare owners sell their properties in a competitive resale market. To reach those most likely to buy timeshares, Bay Tree Solutions provides each property with a high-quality web presence and uses online advertising to bring traffic to its website. According to industry experts, online advertising is a cost-efficient and effective practice.

Because the Internet is available around the clock, customers may conduct research online at any time of day and from any location. In addition, online advertising allows sellers to overcome geographic barriers and reach those in their target market who may not be physically proximate to them. As an added benefit, online advertising allows for detailed tracking of visit and traffic trends to assess the effectiveness of various outbound marketing campaigns.

Also, online advertisers can collect data about their audience to deliver more personalized and targeted campaigns, which can increase sales. Contacting customers on a routine basis with personalized messages and offers can also help establish trust and build lasting relationships.

Bay Tree Solutions Allows for Innovative Points-Based Timeshare Search

Since 2006, Bay Tree Solutions has helped timeshare owners sell their properties through its unique online marketplace. The timeshare advertising company works with a carefully chosen selection of resort communities to ensure that its clients secure fair prices for their timeshares. Additionally, Bay Tree Solutions has optimized its website for the timeshare market of the real estate sector, including search parameters that are relevant specifically to timeshare buyers.

In August 2012, the firm became the first timeshare resale company to offer a search function explicitly for points-based timeshares. Over the past decade, timeshare points have grown in popularity among timeshare owners, as they allow for more flexibility when planning a vacation. While week-based timeshares limit travelers to a specific vacation length and location, points-based timeshare owners may choose from different resorts and varying durations. Additionally, some timeshare points may be redeemable for cruises or frequent flyer miles.

Despite this flexibility, points-based timeshares have posed complications for parties wishing to sell their properties online due to the fact that the majority of resale websites originated expressly for week-based timeshares. Bay Tree Solutions sought to fill this need by developing a timeshare points search function that allows potential buyers to sort available properties not by geographic location, but instead by timeshare point system. By entering the specific system and number of points that they would like to purchase, buyers can now view corresponding results across all locations.