Tackk follow-up Jude and Luca

Here's the English version of the "Tackk de Correspondance : Jude et Luca" that Jude created. In this tackk, we will share what we'd learned into the last Skype session.

I would first present here what I'd learned about Jude during the Skype session :

So, first, essential information : Jude as no nickname. But, according to this picture, you can call him Agent Z ;P

Then, Jude favorite room is his bedroom, because he can do his homework their and he plays computer there. He plays guitar too, and basketball. He's favorite sports are football and lacross. He likes Coldplay and ThePianoGuys (like me) and he's favorite rap so is CLEAN, from Childish Gambino. He likes pop too, and why ? "It's difficult to explain..."

For the books, he likes reading mysteries - I love to too.

His role model is Mohammed Ali because he's confident and he gives the best of himself. He likes Michael Jordan for the same reasons.

On flockdraw, we draw Super-Skype, but sadly, he leaved the nest... hum, or rather the website !

Few other informations : he's school is GREEN. Their is grass everywhere and so much trees... Welcome to the Eden Garden !

And during the Skype session, he was feeling good. Great news !