Graphology/Handwriting Analysis

Study of interpreting ones character from his/her handwriting

Forgery and Falsifacation

  • Simulation- study and practice it before actually using the signature #1
  • Cut and Paste- take an orginal, cut it and paste to different document #3
  • Tracing- tracing original to different document, using carbon paper #2
  • Electronic- done over computer, scan original
  • Free Hand- Look at signature and just copy

Comes about with counterfeit money, passports, legal documents such as paychecks, contracts, loans

Vital part of handwritng analysis is to notice the pick up and drag lines, notice how they begin and finish words


In 1795 a Mr. Ireland brought forward what he claimed to be a new version of "Kynge Leare" which was allegedly written by William Shakespeare himself. This book is known as the bible of handwriting analysis


In 1988, Julie Ward was murderd in Africa, there was a ransom note sent out. She was later found dead, then there was a long passed time and still no paperwork from the doctor. He was later found guilty in March of 1989


1) List two form of handwriting analysis.

2) #1 most used type of forgery

a) simulation b) free hand c) tracing d) electric

3) What year was the Ward case come to a verdict

a) 1988 b) 1999 c) 1989 d)1898

4) #2 most used  type of forgery

a) simulation b) cut and paste c)electric d) tracing

5) #3 most used type of forgery

a) tracing b) cut and paste c) freehand d) electric

6) what book is most associated with handwriting analysis

a) Of mice and men b) Handwriting Analysis c) Kynge Leare d) The Harlem Shake

Try some forgery on your own
no really just this once for educational purposes

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