October PE Project

By: Trinity Kelly

#Jog Log- 3  points

I biked with MapMyRun! Distance: 2.24mi, time: 16:20, pace: 7:17min/mi, speed: 8.24mi/h.

I biked with MapMyRun! Distance: 8.79mi, time: 01:45:50, pace: 12:03min/mi, speed: 4.98mi/h.

#Visit Mountain Bay Trail- 1 point

I went to the trail and took pictures of two bridges.

#Attend Boo to Bulling Dance At Bay View- 2 points

I had so much fun at the dance. I went with my friends and we had a blast! I dressed up as a scarecrow. I even bought a piece of pizza and a soda. Yum!

#Visit a Disc Golf Park- 4 points                                                                                                                     

#Demonstrate a Volleyball Skill- 1 point

#Demonstrate a Football Skill- 1 point

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