When you are a paramedic you respond to emergency medical situations and allot of times they use gurneys and resp

paramedics have to respond to any emergency medical situation that they get called to and they also have to do things when they get there to keep the people alive and they also have to take some people to the e.r in the ambulance to have surgery performed on them

There are also a few interesting facts about paramedics but i'm only gonna say one          1. the origin of the word ambulance comes from the early 19th century french word hopital ambulant.

they take them into surgery strait from the ambulance

do things to keep them alive on the trip to the hospital the also transport from one hospital to another but sometimes it takes a little while to get there depending on how far there are away from your location

im not sure about the language did not listen to it so keep it muted it has typing any way

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