Energy Saving Project

By: Megan Gilmore


I make multiple trips to the mall every weekend and my gas consumption is through the roof. Not only is it costing more  money, but it is also releasing large amounts of waste into the atmosphere.

                                                                    Desired Results:

I want to decrease the amount of gas sent into the air. I also want to limit the amount of times I actually have to leave my house and waste gas.


  1. Do more of my shopping online to decrease number of trips and amount of gas used.
       2. Carpool with friends to limit the amount of cars you take while going out.

                                                                  Best Solution:

The best solution for me would be to do a majority of my shopping online. It will save energy, money and the trouble of having to leave my house.

                                                       Implementing The Solution:

I will follow through by doing most of my Christmas shopping online this year.

                                                       How I Know If It Worked:

I will be able to tell if it is working if I don't have to fill my gas tank as often and if I have extra money to buy more shoes.

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